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The goal of the Teaching Economics in American History (TEAH) program is to improve the historical understanding of young people by strengthening the economic knowledge of their instructors through a dynamic, interactive workshop for American history teachers. This comprehensive program provides Wisconsin and Midwest teachers with the instructional tools they need to bring the economic way of thinking to light in a historical context.


The supplementary textbook provided is the award-winning Economic Episodes in American History. The workshop presenters, Dr. Mark Schug, Dr. William Wood, Dr. Tawni Ferrarini and Dr. Scott Niederjohn, are co-authors of the second edition of the text.

No history of America is complete without an economic perspective. Economic Episodes in American History is an innovative textbook supplement for middle and high school levels that will enrich and expand your students’ understanding of United States history and the role economics has played in shaping the American story.

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VIRTUAL Workshop

Midwest Teachers


Saturday, March 13, 2021


9 am - 2 pm


Zoom Webinar


Set of Classroom EEAH Books

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Topics Include:

  • How Can Economics Illuminate History? An Introduction to the Economic Way of Thinking (Chapter 1)


  • Why Did the Colonists Fight When They Were Safe, Prosperous, and Free?  Why Did the British Leave the European Union?  (Chapter 4) 


  • The Economics of the U.S. Constitution?    (Chapter 5)

  • Who Desegregated Major League Baseball: Jackie Robinson or Adam Smith?  (Chapter 25) 


  • How Did Financial Panics Lead to the Establishment of an Independent Central Bank?  (Chapter 17) 

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IN-PERSON Workshop

Midwest Teachers


Wednesday, July 13, 2021


9 am-2 pm


Lambeau Field Atrium

Green Bay, WI


Set of Classroom EEAH Books

Overnight Stay


Lakeland University 

W3718 South Drive

Plymouth, WI 53073


920-565-1023 ext. 2155

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