The Office for the Advancement of Free Enterprise Education offers seminars under three main programs:


Economics for Heroes: The goal of the Economics for Heroes (EFH) programs is to present a series of two-day, face-to-face, web-supported seminars on personal finance and free-market economics for Wisconsin’s heroes - military veterans, and police officers - as a way to improve their financial well-being and to increase their understanding of free enterprise.


Economics for Opinion Leaders: The goal of the Economics for Opinion Leaders (EFOL) programs is to present a series of two-day, face-to-face, web-supported seminars on free-market economics for Wisconsin opinion leaders - teachers, media professionals, elected officials and clergy members - to increase their understanding of free enterprise and enable them to responsibly share that knowledge with the groups they serve.

Teaching Economics in American History: The goal of the Teaching Economics in American History (TEAH) program is to improve the economic understanding of Wisconsin and Midwest teachers and students by presenting a large-scale workshop to American history teachers, providing them with the instructional tools they need to teach basic economics. The curriculum provided is the award-winning text Economic Episodes in American History, 2nd Edition.

Programs - EFH, EFOL & TEAH

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Economics for Heroes


Economics for Opinion Leaders


  • Teachers

  • Media Professionals

  • Elected Officials & Policy Makers

  • Clergy & Nonprofit Leaders

Teaching Economics in American History

Session Topics

The topics presented in each EFH, EFOL & TEAH seminar may include, but are not limited to:

Personal Finance

  • Building Wealth for the Long Term

  • You and Your Money

  • Earning More Income

  • Taking Control of Your Finances

  • Managing Credit:  Parts 1 & 2

  • Saving and Investing for the Long Term

  • Scams & Identity Theft

  • How Can You Better Manage Risk?


  • Why are Some Nations Rich:

    Mystery Nations

  • Economic Way of Thinking

  • The Numbers Every Citizen Should Know

  • The Economics of Education:

    Investing in Human Capital

  • Property Rights:  

    The Most Fundamental Freedom?

  • Be Nice to the Price

  • Pulling Back the Curtain on the Federal Reserve System

  • Debt, Deficits, & Entitlements

  • Why Trade?

  • Can Marginal Thinking Help You Make Better Decisions?

  • What Caused the U.S. Economy to Melt Down?

  • Why is Good Economics Bad Politics?

Economics in American History

  • How the Economic Way of Thinking Can Improve the Teaching of History

  • Why Would Free People Sell Themselves into Bondage?

  • Why Did the Colonists Succeed Economically Without Finding Gold & Silver?

  • Why Did the Colonists Fight When They Were Safe, Prosperous and Free?

  • Economics of the Constitution

  • The Homestead Act of 1862: Was Free Land a Good Deal?

  • Hard Money or a Cross of Gold? Problems Down on the Farm

  • Industrialization, Robber Barons and Monopolies

  • Panics and the Beginning of the Fed

  • Why Did a Mild Recession in 1929 Become the Great Depression of the 1930's?

  • Who Desegregated Major League Baseball? Jackie Robinson or Adam Smith?

  • Is Free Trade Out of Date?


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