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The Office for the Advancement of Free Enterprise Education offers seminars under three main programs:

Economics for Heroes

The Economics for Heroes (EFH) program is a series of two-day seminars providing instruction in personal finance and free-market economics to Wisconsin’s heroes as a means to improving their financial well-being and to increase their understanding of free enterprise.​ The seminars are supported by numerous online resources made available to all attendees.


Economics for Opinion Leaders


The Economics for Opinion Leaders (EFOL) program is a series of two-day, face-to-face or virtual, web-supported seminars on free-market economics for Wisconsin and Midwest opinion leaders - teachers, media professionals, elected officials and non-profit leaders (run as funding and dates are available). The goal is to increase understanding of free enterprise and enable these parties to responsibly share that knowledge with the groups they serve.

Teaching Economics in American History

The Teaching Economics in American History (TEAH) workshop is designed to strengthen the historical understanding of young people by providing their teachers with a stronger knowledge of economic events in our history. This dynamic, interactive workshop is aimed at American history, economics and civics teachers at the middle and high school level. This comprehensive program provides from Wisconsin and the Midwest the instructional tools needed to bring the economic way of thinking to light in a historical context.

Session Topics

The topics presented in each EFH, EFOL & TEAH seminar may include, but are not limited to:

Personal Finance

  • Building Wealth for the Long Term

  • You and Your Money

  • Earning More Income

  • Taking Control of Your Finances

  • Managing Credit:  Parts 1 & 2

  • Saving and Investing for the Long Term

  • Scams & Identity Theft

  • How Can You Better Manage Risk?


  • Why are Some Nations Rich:

    Mystery Nations

  • Economic Way of Thinking

  • The Numbers Every Citizen Should Know

  • The Economics of Education:

    Investing in Human Capital

  • Property Rights:  

    The Most Fundamental Freedom?

  • Be Nice to the Price

  • Pulling Back the Curtain on the Federal Reserve System

  • Debt, Deficits, & Entitlements

  • Why Trade?

  • Can Marginal Thinking Help You Make Better Decisions?

  • What Caused the U.S. Economy to Melt Down?

  • Why is Good Economics Bad Politics?

Economics in American History

  • How the Economic Way of Thinking Can Improve the Teaching of History

  • Why Would Free People Sell Themselves into Bondage?

  • Why Did the Colonists Succeed Economically Without Finding Gold & Silver?

  • Why Did the Colonists Fight When They Were Safe, Prosperous and Free?

  • Economics of the Constitution

  • The Homestead Act of 1862: Was Free Land a Good Deal?

  • Hard Money or a Cross of Gold? Problems Down on the Farm

  • Industrialization, Robber Barons and Monopolies

  • Panics and the Beginning of the Fed

  • Why Did a Mild Recession in 1929 Become the Great Depression of the 1930's?

  • Who Desegregated Major League Baseball? Jackie Robinson or Adam Smith?

  • Is Free Trade Out of Date?

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