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In addition to the useful links below, complete essays and Power Point presentations are available to all seminar participants. Click below for access to these valuable materials.

Program Materials

The PASSWORD provided at the seminar is required to access materials.  If you need assistance, please contact us.

Useful Links
EEAH Hardcover 2018 v3.jpg

American Episodes in American History

is an excellent supplementary text for any social studies classroom. Learn more at

Visit the Common Sense Economics

website to order the book and find a host of valuable economics aids and resources:

Browse The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics 

and other helpful economics materials at

The Library of Economics and Liberty site:

Discover a wealth of academic recources for teaching economics and personal finance at the Council for Economic Education site:

Explore economic data and easily

convert to visual aids on the

Economic Research site of the

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis:

The U.S. Department of Commerce provides access to data on the US economy on the

Bureau of Economic Analysis site:

Find useful stats and information at the

U.S. Department of Labor site for the

Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Find practical financial literacy aids, as well as lesson plans, games and

educational tools at:

Explore data related to worldwide living standards through dynamic displays and videos at:

See unemployment gains and losses in US metropolitan areas since 1999 visualized

on the Geography of Jobs map

Infographics galore!

Discover a variety of visual media tools

based on business and investing trends.

Get a closer look at the latest

annual studies by the Fraser Institute on

the Economic Freedom of North America and the Economic Freedom of the World

Suggested Reading/Viewing

The Wall Street Journal


Steven B. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

Capitalism and Freedom

Milton Friedman

Wealth of Nations

Adam Smith

Economic Freedom Index

The Economist Magazine

The Big Short

Michael Lewis

Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy

5th Edition

Thomas Sowell

The Armchair Economist

Steven Landsburg

Free to Choose TV

Broadcast Programs

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